Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nutrition Month

Nutrition Month - Making Small Changes, One Meal At A Time
Take the 100 Meal Journey

Week 1 - Get Ready - Pledge to make a small, nourishing change and stick with it, one meal at a time
  • Fill more of your plate with vegetables
  • Choose smaller portions of meat and grains
  • Enjoy fruit for snacks or desserts rather than sweet or salty treats
  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks like pop of specialty coffess
Week 2 - Quality Counts - Jump start your day with a nourishing balance breakfast
  • Blend frozen berries, milk and yogurt for a smoothie.
  • Grab a few whole wheat crackers as you run out the door
  • Stuff a pita with scrambled eggs, red peppers, avocado, and a dash of salsa
  • Wrap peanut butter, a banana and trail mix in a whole grain tortilla for a crunchy meal
Week 3 - Prioritize portion size - For a balanced meal, estimate food portions with your hands
  • 2 handfuls of vegetables
  • 1 handful of grain product
  • 1 handful of meat or alternative
  • Round off the meal with a glass of milk
  • Eat only as much as you are hungry
Week 4 - Try something new - Check out these tips to try something new!!  Hello Taste buds, get ready to tingle.
  • Toss slivers of raw purple beets, grean pear, feta cheese and flax in a lemony vinigarette for a tasty salad, burstine with color
  • Squueze lime juice onto grilled pineapple for a naturally sweet treat
  • Warm up apple slices, dust with cinamon, top with toasted rolled oats, almonds and yogurt for a warm breakfast treat
Week 5 - Make it stick - Eating well doesnt need to take a lot of time.  Planning helps us to eat healthy on the run.
  • Stock your kitchen with good for you snacks, like prepared vegetable, fruit, yogurt and hard boiled eggs
  • Cook big bathces of soup, stew or chili when you have more time.  Use these meals during busy days
  • Cook once. Eat twice. Make more food than you need for one meal and reinvent it for another.