Thursday, 11 June 2020


The Public Health Nurse in your community can help you begin your parenting journey. It is normal to have lots of questions when you are expecting your first baby and even when you have already had a baby.

The Public Health Nurse can help you find answers to your questions about changes during your pregnancy, about labour and delivery, hospital routines, coping strategies during labour, adjusting to life with a baby, caring for your newborn, and breastfeeding. Your Public Health Nurse can also put you in touch with other community resources.

Another new resource for pregnant women is the New Saskatchewan Pregnancy App, developed by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.  This app is aimed at providing information about pregnancy to women in Saskatchewan and includes GPS capabilities, to link each woman to local services and resources in their communities.

Features of this App include:
  • Daily Health Tips
  • Monthly summaries of babies growth
  • A "to do" list for each trimester
  • videos
  • a pregnancy timeline
  • A my health feature

If you are interested in registering for Online Prenatal classes or would like more information about the App,  please contact:

Coronach Public Health Nurse
Trina Korbo, RN, BScN
240 South Avenue E.